Contribute to a meal - and you nourish us once.

Contribute to our farm - and you nourish us for a lifetime!

Casa de Santa Isabel is a therapeutic community on an anthroposophical basis in the Serra da Estrela in Portugal. 

Co-workers and the mentally handicapped residents live and work together in a social-therapeutic climate, in which we share each others fate.


A special feature is that most of the 45 care-takers have lived here for 30 years already  and that outside our institute there is no one whom they can fall back on. That gives us an extra responsibility when it comes to the sustainability of the initiative. If, for example, in the event of a national or international financial crisis, the subsidy flow should be jeopardized, then closing and sending people home is not an option.

The Casa is their home!

That has led us to invest in sustainability in recent years, where as basic life needs are concerned. As a result:

• We have well-maintained houses and workshops for a decent life for 45 residents and 25 co-workers.

• We have a forest that supplies firewood to heat these (now thermally insulated) buildings in the winter.

And a few months ago we were able to acquire a farm that can provide us with food from now on. So, together with our farmer, we are eager to start there! We practice Biodynamic farming, which is good for us and for the environment!


To get the farm running, we still need:

How can you help?

For every euro we receive as a donation, the German Software Stiftung AG adds another one! (Match funding)

For example, if you would give us € 100, we will receive no less than € 200!

Your name will then be placed on a special panel on the building.

If we find 150 friends who do this, summing €15.000,00, then we will receive € 30,000!

But also smaller amounts are very welcome of course! For example, for € 3.50 (increased to € 7.00) we can already install one square meter of roof tiles!

Help us by donating and by making your friends aware of this action.

How often one doesn’t hear:

"I would like to help somewhere if I only knew that my money would end up well ..."

Well, here it will!


Banco BPI;SA

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4660 5730 0011 6


Stating: Matchfunding Torrozelo



We warmly invite you to come and have a look at the farm, so that you can see how your contribution is given shape.

For Casa de Santa Isabel,

Assinatura Bert-01.jpg

Bert ten Brinke

[email protected]